Need for a Redeemer

‘Jesus the Christ’ is a marvellous book written by the late Elder James E. Talmage. On pages 27-28, Talmage explains the essential need of a Redeemer if we are to return to God’s presence. Because of “the inability of man to raise himself from the temporal to the spiritual plane…” due to our weak resistance to Satan’s evil influences (see 2 Nephi 4:17-18) and also the fact we do not have the power over death on our own, we need some higher power to help us or else we would “forever remain in a fallen state.”

James E. Talmage describes this principle using an effective (if not complicated) analogy. He speaks of minerals and plants. The minerals, whilst able to change and move through influential forces (such as light and heat), they cannot become a living organism. However, the plant “which is of a higher plane…” sends roots and leaves forth to absorb these lifeless minerals and they then weave “the tissue of it’s wondrous structure.” Talmage makes the concluding statement – “no dead chemical substance has ever been made a consituent (part of a whole) of organic tissue except through the agency of life.” Basically, in order for something to move to the higher plane, it needs input and assistance from something that is on the higher plane to become so.

“So, for the advancement of man from his present fallen state to the higher conditions of spiritual life, a power above his own must cooperate.” Therefore, the need for a Redeemer is paramount for God to “bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.” (Moses 1:39) We need the higher power of Jesus Christ to be able to reach the potential our Heavenly Father wants for us to become a reality. We can be influenced by many forces (good and bad) but no one can achieve the higher plane without Christ!


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