Perfect through Jesus Christ

A while ago, I studied a book called Believing Christ by Stephen E. Robinson and I loved how he explains how Christ’s Atonement sanctifies us from our sins. It’s like a student trying to receive a perfect grade. If that student gets a B in one module, they cannot possibly get a perfect result (in American grading, a ‘4.0’). Even if they do perfectly after that result, that perfection overall is unattainable. Like so, we have all sinned. Even if we live a perfect life from now on (which wouldn’t happen anyway) then we still would fall short of celestial standards – hence the importance of Christ’s sacrifice!

Robinson compared us accepting Christ’s Atonement like merging two bank accounts. Robinson wrote “When we become one with Jesus Christ, spiritually we form a partnership with a joint account, and his assets and our liabilities flow into each other. Since he has more assets than we have liabilities (he has an infinite ocean of assets) the new account has a positive balance…” No matter what we bring to the account, whether we be as perfect as we can be or the furthest from perfection we can be, Christ’s infinite assets will always, every time make the difference (infinity + -x will always equal infinity).

We can all be at different stages of spiritual progression but it’s only through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Atonement that we can all be fully cleansed from sin and become celestial material.

Parable of the Bicycle – Stephen E. Robinson

To illustrate further, we are like a child who wants a bike. We do all we can to save up for this bike – doing odd jobs around the house and saving up our pennies. We then realise very quickly that the price of the bike is far too much than we can afford.Our Dad, watching us see the price on the bike, sees the tears in our eyes – the realisation that alone, we won’t accomplish the price. He has told us that if we save up our pennies then we’ll be able to afford a bike. So – he tells us to give him all we have (61 cents in Robinson’s version) and he will pay the rest.

We want to live with Heavenly Father. To do so, we need to be perfect. We are filled with despair when we fall short and realise we are unable to achieve this. Christ asks us, through His Gospel, to give all we can, and He will pay the rest. He is the Great Mediator – only He can make this possible! We need to believe that He can.


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