​I honestly can’t decide what I have enjoyed most this Christmas Day…
Whether it was the sheer joy on our two children’s faces when they saw Santa had been, the smile from my amazing wife as we witnessed their happiness, getting thrashed by Josh playing with his Scalextric track, sharing in a marvellous breakfast with the Roberts Clan, seeing Elaina lovingly place her doll into a new high chair for the doll, singing praises to Him whose birth we celebrate with other cherished fellow saints, opening more carefully selected gifts with the Henley Clan, enjoying a delicious Christmas dinner with them, guiding two (still overjoyed) children to bed and wishing them sweet dreams or indulging in some Doctor Who and a few goodies…
Merry Christmas to all – I hope your coming days are filled with as much joy. The joy and happiness of Christmas doesn’t have to just last for one day (although I think the volume of food is best for the one day) – it can be for everyday, it can last all year. 
You all make this possible – light the world in some small way and you will bring the spirit of Christmas each and every day 🙂


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