I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The views and comments expressed by myself are my thoughts alone and do not represent the views of the Church as a whole.

This is, in effect, my study journal. On my mission I was strongly encouraged to make a note of things I studied for future reference. I did this religiously. At first my Study Journal was a jumble of thoughts but after a few months they started to develop into deeper thoughts and searches through the scriptures, and I tried to capture these ‘journeys’ down on paper.

Recently, in the October 2015 General Conference (over 5 years after my mission), I had managed to keep the habit up but a lot less frequently. I was led back to my previous study journals (I have 3 A4 booklets full) and I realised I would not know where to find thoughts and material on certain subjects if I wanted to. So, in an attempt to organise and also digitise my Study Journals (so they can be preserved), I am now typing up my journal entries.

A significant number of initial entries will be edited from my Mission Study Journals (although a few will be withheld from being made ‘Public’ due to some personal entries) and when they are finally complete all future entries I will aim to type onto here.

Feel free to read any entries available: they can be navigated by category or simply chronologically.


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