I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The views and comments expressed by myself are my thoughts alone and do not represent the views of the Church as a whole.

This is, in effect, my study journal. On my mission I was strongly encouraged to make a note of things I studied for future reference. I did this religiously. At first my Study Journal was a jumble of thoughts but after a few months they started to develop into deeper thoughts and searches through the scriptures, and I tried to capture these ‘journeys’ down on paper.

Recently, in the October 2015 General Conference (over 5 years after my mission), I had managed to keep the habit up but a lot less frequently. I was led back to my previous study journals (I have 3 A4 booklets full) and I realised I would not know where to find thoughts and material on certain subjects if I wanted to. So, in an attempt to organise and also digitise my Study Journals (so they can be preserved), I am now typing up my journal entries.

A significant number of initial entries will be edited from my Mission Study Journals (although a few will be withheld from being made ‘Public’ due to some personal entries) and when they are finally complete all future entries I will aim to type onto here.

Feel free to read any entries available: they can be navigated by category or simply chronologically.

Update Aug 2019:
I have moved to publishing more of my thoughts and study onto my podcast ‘LDS Study Session’. It can be found by searching ‘LDS Study Session’ on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or Castbox – or by following any of the links below.




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